Test tower

Starting point of ground-breaking projects

To shape the future, you need top-class equipment. The new test tower offers unparalleled opportunities and boasts sophisticated technologies and features – it’s a one-of-a-kind research center for us and a must-see destination for the region’s tourists and residents.


Deep insight

In the 12 different shafts, we will test and certify the elevator solutions of the future with maximum speeds of 64.8 km/h and testing conditions not available anywhere else. Three shafts are reserved for our MULTI system. A part of the shafts ends at half of the height of the tower. The emerging volume in the top half is used as an air cell: All heat generated by devices such as motors and computers is stored there, then transmitted via heat exchangers to the rooms requiring heating.

At 220 meters height the conference level is located. Germany’s highest viewing platform open to the public (232 meters) will give visitors a 360 degree view all the way to the Swabian Alb – and even to the Swiss Alps on very clear days. Travelling up with the glass elevator will be another great experience.



Viewing platform (height 232 m)


Conference level (height 220 m)


Multimedia room, foyer


Customer lobby, foyer





Technologies for the
cities of tomorrow

Rottweil’s new 246-meter tall elevator test tower is specifically designed with the future in mind. With 12 testing shafts housed within its 21-meter diameter shell, engineers can test elevator speeds of up to a mind-boggling 18 meters per second. The tower firmly places Rottweil at the very hub of future urban vertical transportation.

Three shafts, each with a height of 100 meters, are dedicated to testing the innovative new TWIN and MULTI systems. The MULTI elevator is the realization of a dream of operating multiple cabins simultaneously. It introduces „mag-lev“ train technology to the elevator industry, increases shaft transport capacity by up to 50 percent, and dramatically reduces the elevator footprint in buildings.


As high-rise buildings grow ever taller, the demands on elevator technology are rapidly increasing.
The elevators of tomorrow will be far faster and more complex than at present, and they will certainly rely on revolutionary engineering methods never used before.

Planned innovations in Rottweil


A new era of vertical (and horizontal) transportation optimizes efficiency while liberating architects to construct more creatively, user-friendly, and higher. Multiple cabins in a single shaft mean passengers would never have to wait more than 15-30 seconds for a lift.

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