Unique locations for unique events

Innovation is a key part of what we do at thyssenkrupp, and our 246-metre (807ft) high test tower is a unique reflection of our outlook. The spirit of creativity and curiosity in this amazing, record-breaking building is bound to rub off on any visitor. The special contrast between the modern atmosphere of the tower and its view over Baden-Württemberg's oldest town will create a special ambience for your celebration. True to our mission statement of ‘engineering. tomorrow. together’, we will be delighted to plan your very own individual event at our test tower. We offer a range of venues at heights from ground level to 232 metres, all of which can be combined to suit your exact requirements.

Our event venues

Height Room name Area
232m (761ft) Visitor platform 125m2 (410 sq ft)
220m (722ft) Large conference room 157m2 (515 sq ft)
216m (709ft) Small conference room 65m2 (213 sq ft)
216m (709ft) Lounge 37m2 (121 sq ft)
0m (0ft) Customer lobby 160m2(125 sq ft)
0m (0ft) Media lobby 82m2 (269 sq ft)
0m (0ft) Visitor lobby 146m2 (479 sq ft)

Experience our venues

Here you can experience our unique event venues for yourself and use the 360° panorama to see exactly what they can offer you. To move the camera, click in the centre of the picture and drag your mouse around the room.

Large conference room

The panoramic view alone from 220m (722ft) should be enough to get your guests excited. The 157 sq m (515 sq ft) Large conference room is the perfect choice for presentations, seminars or exhibitions. This room gives you maximum flexibility for planning your event. Feel free to use the pre-installed presentation equipment, including screens and sound system, or swap it for the system that best meets your needs.

Small conference room

Choose our Small conference room, located at 216m (709ft), for seminars, presentations and meetings in small to medium-sized groups. Here too we can provide a range of seating options within an area of 65 sq m (213 sq ft). The room is equipped with a projector for presentations, and the technical equipment and interior can both be adapted to suit your exact requirements.


Our lounge, at 216m (709ft), is ideal for intense or confidential discussions, and can accommodate up to twelve guests. The 37-square-metre (121 sq ft) room can also be used for break-out sessions in smaller groups, such as workshops.

Visitor platform

At 232 metres (671ft), Germany's highest viewing platform is available for hire when not in use by visiting members of the public. The indoor area can be used to give presentations; the space is equipped with screens and a sound system. Your guests can also enjoy the panoramic view of Rottweil and the Black Forest from the external platform. On a good day, you can see all the way to the Alps.

Visitor lobby

The Visitor lobby is a perfect complementary space for large-scale events. Registration can be carried out quickly and easily from the reception desks, and your guests will also have access to our cloakroom. Please be aware that, for obvious reasons, the Visitor lobby can only be hired on days when the platform is closed to the general public.

Customer lobby

Most guests walk through the Customer lobby at the end of a guided tour of the test tower. It offers customers a chance to see the award-winning design of the MULTI cab for themselves. This space can be rented for events too.

Media lobby

The ground-floor Media lobby gets guests geared up for the special atmosphere of the tower with an impressive video, shown on an extra-wide video wall and boasting outstanding sound quality. This is where we develop the lifts of the future.

Our invitation photo service

If you rent one of our rooms, we will be happy to supply high-quality images of the test tower for use with your invitations.

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