2020 and the beginning of the fifth season

The new year has begun and the test tower team wishes you a happy and healthy new year 2020. Even though the year is still young, the oldest city in Baden-Württemberg is already preparing for the fifth season: Fasnet (carnival). The fifth season in Germany is called the time around carnival. The Rottweiler "Fasnet" is known beyond the city walls for its historical "Narrensprung". The "Narrensprung" at the Black Gate in Rottweil takes place on Monday and Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock. 

The test tower team celebrates with the Rottweiler "Narren" the probably most beautiful season. Therefore the test tower extends its opening hours from Fasnet Tuesday (February 25) to Sunday March 1. All opening hours and current information about the opening days can be found in the ticket booking area of the Testturm website:

All guests in disguise will also receive the reduced admission price of 5 euros at the box office on Fasnet Tuesday. Why not combine a visit to the Fasnet with a visit to the thyssenkrupp test tower.