Break the silence! July 26th is ‘Talk in an elevator day’

The first 500 visitors at the test tower Rottweil this Friday, will receive a flyer as souvenir with some open questions to start a potential talk in an elevator (in German only).

• thyssenkrupp Elevator research suggests two-thirds of people won’t speak in a lift, despite 7 billion elevator journeys happening every day

• thyssenkrupp Elevator offers a downloadable guide to help get people talking in elevators


July 26th (Friday) might be ‘Talk in an Elevator Day’, but according to leading mobility solutions business thyssenkrupp Elevator, there’s not much conversation taking place in our humble elevators. Research from the company has shown that despite 7 billion elevator trips happening across the world every day, more than two-thirds (66%) of people won’t speak a word during their journey.


23% of people responding to thyssenkrupp’s survey of just over 2000 adults said they wouldn’t talk in an elevator because they don’t like speaking to people they don’t know, and 17% admitted they would actively avoid getting in an elevator if someone they didn’t like was in it.


With talking to strangers potentially making us happier on our commutes, elevators can provide us with an interesting space to bring people together and create shared experiences that go some way to eliminating this loneliness that people may feel in a built-up environment.


To help combat this thyssenkrupp Elevator has released an “Elevator Conversation Starter Guide”, to help people break the silence. This can be downloaded here, and you’re encouraged to put it up in your building’s elevators. With this guide to hand, a few more conversations will be started in elevators this year, and we can break the silence.


Luis Ramos, Head of Communications at thyssenkrupp Elevator, said: “With our buildings rising to greater heights, these days we spend a significant amount of time in elevators. We shouldn’t waste it in silence, surrounded by other people, but rather should take the opportunity for a good chat. We hope this guide will help inspire talking in elevators. After all, a brief conversation can lead to very good things.”


thyssenkrupp Elevator is transforming the elevator industry as we know it, creating leading innovations such as the world’s first cable-less elevator that moves not only vertically but also horizontally, MULTI. The company is also forging ahead in a predictive maintenance IoT enabled technology named MAX, as well as the use of Microsoft’s mixed-reality HoloLens for field engineers and home solutions providers.


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