thyssenkrupp Elevator test tower transformed into film studio: Global video stream from Germany’s tallest visitor platform

A premiere at the Rottweil test tower: On 25 November, the test tower broadcast a six-hour virtual conference from Germany’s tallest visitor platform. The conference, titled “Challenges and Opportunities for Future Technology Trends”, was streamed live from an altitude of 232 metres and was watched by just over 700 viewers from all over the world. For event organiser Trelleborg and host thyssenkrupp Elevator, the successful premiere was a highlight of this year’s calendar – and one that the partners would definitely like to repeat.

Two days before the event on Wednesday, all of the typical preparations for events began to come together in the test tower: Events companies constructed stages, the video crew wired up cameras to the control desk and set up lighting, the IT team checked the network connections and the speakers practised their talks. 

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Germany GmbH – a subsidiary of the Swedish Trelleborg Group, which is a worldwide leader in technical polymer solutions – chose the thyssenkrupp Elevator test tower in Rottweil as the location for its first Europe-wide virtual conference, broadcasting its programme of over six hours of talks to around 700 international participants. Twelve prominent guest speakers gave a varied set of presentations on electrification, digitalisation and sustainability. 

“Over the past three years, we have hosted a number of events, both large and small, in our conference rooms and on our viewing platform”, says test tower manager Beate Höhnle. “Previously, participants have attended events here at the test tower, so that they could enjoy and be inspired by the architecture of the tower and our company’s innovations. However, in-person events are, of course, out of the question at the moment because of the global pandemic. Virtual online conferences are a great alternative and the test tower is a unique location for these kinds of events”. 

An event on this scale was a first for the test tower team – and it was a great success. Thanks to the high-tech specification of the innovative building, the stream could be broadcast across the world in perfect quality. The views from the visitor platform provided the ideal backdrop to the virtual conference, which left a lasting impression on the participants. During the final preparations early on Wednesday morning, a ring of mist descended on the test tower, leaving the tip of the tower and the visitor platform clear of the fog below. The entire event team was fascinated by this unique scene. Over the course of the day’s live stream, the fog cleared to provide exceptional views of Rottweil – which were broadcast all over the world.