thyssenkrupp TOWERRUN: Cancellation for 2020

New date and registration for 2021


Virtual stair-run on the day of the event


The thyssenkrupp TOWERRUN - the largest flight of stairs in Germany and the final of the German Tower-Running Championships - has to be cancelled for 2020 due to the current corona pandemic. Responsible implementation for all participants and helpers of the event is not possible with the current restrictions. “We are aware of our responsibility towards the numerous active people, spectators, helpers and the whole team around the TOWERRUN. After weighing up all the factors, there is no alternative to canceling the event,” says Holger Wesseln from the organizer pulsschlag.


But there is also good news. The new date has already been set: The 3rd thyssenkrupp TOWERRUN will take place in Rottweil on Sunday, September 19, 2021. Experience has shown that the starting places are sold out within a few minutes. Therefore, the following applies to all participants who have already registered: The starting position is transferable if desired. Registration for the highest stairwell run in Western Europe starts on August 3, 2020 - initially exclusively for registered participants from this year. Then the vacant places will be allocated. Registration takes place exclusively via


But there will also be a TOWERRUN on the originally planned event day. The virtual flight of stairs is open to all participants and of course free of charge. On September 20, stairs have to be walked and the result uploaded to the TOWERRUNS online platform. Whether in your own staircase, in the skyscraper around the corner or on an outside staircase - what is possible is run and the result is shared with the staircase community. “It is important to us to give the participants a positive experience despite the rejection and to take with them the energy that has already been put into the training. We look forward to welcoming the participants to our test tower again next year,” said Beate Höhnle, test tower manager at thyssenkrupp Elevator.


TOWERRUN Rottweil: From newcomers to stair running to seasoned competitive athletes, individually or in a team or fire brigade and police - it is about conquering the test tower opened by thyssenkrupp Elevator in 2017. The 246-meter-high tower, in which, among other things, the world's first rope-less elevator for high-rise buildings, the MULTI, is developed and tested, soon developed into a real landmark and a magnet for the public.

The reward for the effort is a breathtaking panoramic view from Rottweil from the thyssenkrupp test tower at 232 meters above the Black Forest to the Alps.