thyssenkrupp Test Tower Rottweil

New horizons made by thyssenkrupp.

Location of the future.

With an investment volume of more than 40 million euros, thyssenkrupp underlines the special significance of the region: together with the elevator plant in Neuhausen a.d. Fildern, which is currently being comprehensively modernised to create a technology park, Rottweil and the test tower represent a highly modern hotbed of innovation for elevator technology with a total of more than 1500 employees.

Top-class appearance.

Despite the imposing height, a light and filigree appearance is preserved. The architects Helmut Jahn and Werner Sobek have panelled the concrete shaft with cladding made of glass-fibre fabric. The fabric has a tight mesh at the base, but as it moves upwards it reveals an increasing amount of the tower, reflecting the light in different ways at different times of day and in different seasons – allowing the tower to give different impressions depending on the weather conditions and time.

A supporting pillar for future tasks.

The purpose of the 246-metre-high construction is to test and certify elevator innovations, thus contributing to considerable reductions in the development time for future skyscrapers and skyscrapers already in the construction phase all over the world. With 12 shafts and travel speeds of up to 18 m/s, the tower offers possibilities to meet future challenges that we have never seen before. Three shafts have been earmarked for the revolutionary ropeless MULTI elevator.

Sign of progress.

As a building of the technological age, the tower symbolises the engineering art of thyssenkrupp – it stands as a public symbol, but also for the Town of Rottweil, and is therefore involved in a dialogue with the town's historical churches and fortified towers from the Middle Ages.

Major attraction for the region.

The region around the research and development tower profits from one of the most striking buildings in South Germany. The highest public visitors' platform in Germany at 232 metres enables a 360° panoramic view, making it an attractive point of interest for tourists in Baden-Württemberg.

Construction of the test tower

Here you can see the construction of the thyssenkrupp Test Tower from different perspectives - it is anything but commonplace.


Let the diverse impressions sink in and take a look at the highlights of the thyssenkrupp Test Tower.


With its unique architecture and design, created by Werner Sobek with Helmut Jahn, the thyssenkrupp Test Tower is a milestone of innovation.