The thyssenkrupp test tower Rottweil
You will be thrilled!

A superlative tower has been built by thyssenkrupp Elevator in Rottweil, the oldest town in Baden-Württemberg. On this page we have compiled important information for the planning of your visit to Germany's highest visitor platform.

Important information before buying a ticket

Please allow for some waiting time.
Unfortunately, as the test tower is continuing to be extremely popular, some waiting time is unavoidable. Of course, we always make every effort to optimise the flow of visitors. Having a queuing system has proved to be the most practical solution for all visitors, especially as this also means that larger groups can be admitted to the tower together or immediately after one another. The time slots given on online tickets are a guideline intended to distribute the number of visitors evenly throughout the day. Tickets remain valid for the day of issue, even if you are delayed by traffic or because of queuing, for example, and are not admitted until after the printed time slot. The waiting area is not covered. Hopefully, the weather will be good for your visit, in which case you should ensure in advance that you have adequate sun protection and are well-hydrated. There is a drinks vending machine in the visitor lobby, and you will also find seating there.
Online tickets cannot be exchanged.
Tickets purchased online cannot be exchanged or refunded. When you book tickets online, you can choose either day tickets (with a date and time) or vouchers (without a date, time and price). Reservations and pre-ordering are not possible. However, tickets are also always available from the on-site ticket office.
Check the settings for your spam filter BEFORE ordering.
Tickets bought online will be sent by email. Please check the settings for your spam filter so that you can receive the tickets. • Ensure that your inbox has a spam folder to accept the email if necessary. • At the time of booking, allow unknown senders and pdf attachments. The confirmation email also serves as an invoice. At the end of the ordering process, you will see an order number on the website and a link. Make sure that you note down the order number. IMPORTANT: As soon as your payment has been confirmed, you can also download your tickets via the link indicated; you do not have to wait for the email. This can take a few minutes or, in exceptional cases, up to six hours. We recommend that you save the link. If you still have problems, please either contact your service provider or send us a message via the contact form, indicating “Ticket download unsuccessful”, your order number and the visit date.
Bulky, dangerous and noisy items must be left in the cloakroom.
Forbidden items, pets, consumption of food and drink: Any suitcases, backpacks and handbags (with dimensions greater than 25cm x 15cm x 20cm), umbrellas, prams, tripods or sound-generating items (e.g. musical instruments, ghetto-blasters, radios, vuvuzelas, etc.) cannot be taken up to the viewing platform. Provided there is sufficient space available, these items can be left in the cloakroom in the visitor lobby free of charge. Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode. It is forbidden to carry any weapons or other dangerous objects anywhere on the Test Tower site. Carrying or operating drones and other remote-controlled devices is similarly prohibited across the entire Test Tower site. Animals are not allowed anywhere on the Test Tower site. The consumption of your own food and drink on the viewing platform is not permitted.
Information for groups
You are also welcome to visit the Test Tower with larger groups. A maximum of 199 people are permitted in the Test Tower. Please be aware that others will also be arriving to visit the tower. In some cases, this may mean that there is a waiting time before everyone can access the viewing platform. This will depend on the number of visitors. The lift can carry approx. 15 people each time. For large groups, it will therefore take a corresponding amount of time before everyone reaches the viewing platform. You can book tickets online via A maximum of 15 tickets can be booked per transaction. However, you can, of course, make multiple bookings for the same day – provided that there is still sufficient capacity available. Please check availability online. Tickets may only be purchased online approximately 3 months in advance. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket office, including for groups. On-site, there is a discount of EUR 1 per adult. There are usually enough tickets available for groups, but please allow for some queuing time. It is not possible to reserve tickets at the ticket office. If you are a tour operator arriving by coach, please report to the ticket office. Many thanks.
Information about vouchers
Vouchers may be purchased from the ticket office or online. When you book tickets online, you can choose either day tickets (with a date and time) or vouchers (without a date, time and price). Vouchers are valid for 12 months. If you have a voucher without a fixed date, you can also directly join the queue.
Information about guided tours
The city of Rottweil tourist information service offers various tours around the thyssenkrupp Test Tower. You will find further information about this on the city of Rottweil website.

Opening hours

Fridays 10 am – 6 pm
Saturdays 10 am – 8 pm
Sundays / public holidays 10 am – 6 pm

Last admission to the tower: 30 minutes before closing

The thyssenkrupp Testing Tower  in Rottweil is Germany's highest visitor platform, standing  232 meters (671 feet) tall. The platform is fully wheelchair-accessible and comprises a covered internal room together with an external pedestrian walkway.

For safety reasons, prams, large items of luggage (such as backpacks) and pets (including dogs)  cannot be taken onto the platform.

Unfortunately we have no control over the weather. No refunds or compensation will be paid for poor visibility.

Ticket pricing

Individual prices

Adults €9.00
Children under 6 free
Children / teenagers (aged 6-16 ) €5.00
thyssenkrupp employees* €7.50


Pupils, students, visitors on voluntary national service (BFD)** €5.00
Visitors with disabilities*** €5.00
1 companion per disabled visitor free
thyssenkrupp employees* €7.50

Family ticket

Family ticket (2 adults, max. 3 children) €26.00

Renting conference rooms

To enquire about conference room availability please use our form at the bottom of the room hire page.

Room hire

The test tower will be closed on Sunday 15 September 2019 for the Tower Run.

* Only available in person from the ticket office, upon presentation of a valid staff ID pass. Tickets are personal and are not transferable. Price also applies to accompanying adult members of the immediate family (i.e. partners, parents and children).

** Subject to the presentation of suitable ID. Tickets are personal and non-transferable

*** On presentation of suitable proof of disability. People accompanying visitors with disabilities are entitled to a free ticket, which will be issued at the ticket office.

Please bear in mind that, due to the high number of visitors to the tower, you may have to queue to access the tower.


  • Highest outdoor viewing platform in Germany at 232 m
  • The most beautiful natural panorama with a view all the way to the Swiss Alps
  • The highest office and conference rooms in Germany
  • Unique appearance as a result of outer panelling
  • Highest elevator test tower in Europe
  • Ultra-fast panoramic elevator at 8 m/s

Public visitors' platform

The thyssenkrupp test tower in Rottweil is Germany's highest visitor platform, standing 232 meters (671 feet) tall. The platform is fully wheelchair-accessible and comprises a covered indoor space and an external pedestrian walkway.

If you use a particularly large manual or electric wheelchair, please provide us with the dimensions prior to your visit so we can check whether you will be able to access the tower.

For safety reasons, prams, large items of luggage (such as backpacks) and pets (including dogs) cannot be taken onto the platform.

To make sure your visit to the thyssenkrupp Test Tower is as enjoyable and safe as possible, please bear the following in mind:

  • Park your vehicle in the marked and signposted car parks and parking spaces.
  • You can buy tickets online or in person from the ticket office.
  • Ensure that you are in good health before visiting the tower. The tower may not be suitable for those suffering from fear of heights (vertigo).
  • Leave any handbags/holdalls, hand luggage, backpacks, umbrellas, prams, etc. in your car. You cannot take these items onto the platform. No bottles, drinks or food of any kind may be taken up the tower.
  • No animals of any kind may be taken onto the platform.
  • Use the toilets in the entrance area before you go up to the platform.
  • There are no catering facilities on the outdoor viewing platform. A wide variety of restaurants is available in Rottweil.
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the tower.
  • Wheelchair users and their companions them should report to the ticket office on arrival. 
  • If you have any other questions, our staff on site will be happy to assist you.


Please respect our regulations for visiting the tower:

Test tower regulations

Guided tours

To book a guided tour, contact Rottweil Town Council (Stadt Rottweil) directly.

Hiring conference rooms

To enquire about conference rooms, please send us the following information using the form on the room hire page:

  • Your preferred date
  • The start and end times for the event
  • The theme of the event and the target audience
  • The planned number of participants
  • Your contact details (name, postal address, phone number and e-mail address)

Find your way to us.

Testtower access

thyssenkrupp Testturm, Berner Feld 60, 78628 Rottweil, Germany

Directions for sat-nav systems
Enter Berner Feld 60, Rottweil as your destination. Once there, follow the signs to find a parking space

Bus & Train
You can take a train as far as Rottweil station. On weekdays you can take bus 5011 from the train station to the test tower via Rottweil town centre

On Saturdays and Sundays you can reach the tower using the ‘dial a bus’ service. All passengers must book at least 1 hour before they intend to travel by calling +49 (0)741 9429883-5

For details, see


Do you have any questions? Contact us.