Visiting the tower

When can the tower be visited?

Current opening hours:

Friday10 am - 6 pm
Saturday10 am - 8 pm
Sunday10 am - 6 pm
Public holidays10 am - 6 pm

Current information on changed opening hours can be found at Your visit.

Online ticket purchase per e-mail / spam filter settings

In the case of online ticket purchase, your tickets are sent per e-mail. Check the settings of your spam filter so that you can receive the tickets. Allow unknown senders and attachments as PDF.

The confirmation email also serves as an invoice. A t the end of the ordering process, you will see an order number on the website and a link. Make sure that you note down the order number. IMPORTANT: As soon as your payment has been confirmed, you can also download your tickets via the link indicated; you do not have to wait for the email. This can take a few minutes or, in exceptional cases, up to six hours. We recommend that you save the link.

To online ticket purchase.

Detailed information on how to set your spam filter when using a T-Online e-mail address can be found here.

How can different weather conditions affect your visit?
In extreme situations, e.g. strong winds, hurricanes, ice formation etc., the outer ring of the platform can be blocked for safety reasons, if necessary the entire tower. We want to ensure maximum safety for our visitors at all times. Experience has shown that even weather conditions with rain can involve lovely views. However, we are unable to make any precise forecasts. These are subjective assessments anyway. People assess corresponding situations differently.
Expiration of vouchers
You can purchase vouchers during opening hours directly at our box office in the thyssenkrupp Test Tower in Rottweil or order them online via the internet. A ticket or voucher is always valid for one person. If you order vouchers online, proceed as follows: go to the page "Tickets", "Purchase Tickets". Set a check mark at "Voucher". Select the desired type of ticket (adults, children, schoolchildren, students, military, disabled) and the number of tickets (maximum of 8 per type of ticket). Start the payment process. The vouchers are only printed with the type of ticket, i.e. whether this is a single ticket for adults or a ticket with concession. In addition, the reference "Voucher" is printed. The vouchers can be redeemed at any time within 12 months.
I have not received my tickets

If you have still not received your tickets 6 hours after booking, please contact our telephone hotline or send us an email indicating your order number.

The Rottweil site

Why was Rottweil chosen?
Our elevator plant in Neuhausen a.d. Fildern means that we feel we have a close relationship with Baden-Württemberg. The central location not far from this site, the integration in the high-tech belt all around Stuttgart, the political support from Lord Mayor Broß and the town council, as well as the broad acceptance among the population were decisive for Rottweil.
Why not have a tower in Neuhausen a.d. Fildern?
The thyssenkrupp elevator plant in Neuhausen a.d. Fildern is 75 kilometres away. The construction of such a tower there is not possible owing to the proximity of Stuttgart Airport
How has the town skyline changed?
The historical town skyline of Rottweil remains unchanged, as the planned enclosure is around 1.5 kilometres away from the old town.